Many patients have questions before, during and after providing a specimen for a test. Below are some of the most Frequently Asked Questions ("FAQs") that we receive. If you have question(s) that are not listed or would like additional information, please feel free to contact us or call us at 818.988.3108.

Q: Where are you located?
A:We are located at 16742 Stagg St., Suite #109, Van Nuys, CA 91406. Our location, operating hours and information on how to reach us by phone or email can be found on our Contact page.

Q: Do I have to have a doctor's order to have lab tests done?
A: Yes, and your Healing Wave physician can provide one to you if necessary. According to State and Federal Regulations, all patients must receive an order from their physician/health care provider before any laboratory tests can be performed. Your physician will give you a test order form to show which tests he/she has ordered.

Q: Where do I get tested? Will you take samples for testing from me at Healing Wave?
A:Yes, we will take all necessary samples from you at our facility. We will provide you with a lab order and coordinate testing with a certified lab to get you quick and accurate results.

Q: When will my test results be available?
A: Most test results are ready by the next day. However, availability may vary depending on the type of test. Your physician is provided with the results as soon as they are complete. Either your physician or one of our personnel will contact you once the test results are in. Or you may also contact us directly to inquire.

Q: My Healing Wave physician ordered some blood tests. Can I eat or drink before the test?
A:This is dependent upon the type of blood tests ordered. Your physician should tell you if the test(s) require fasting (no eating, drinking, gum chewing, etc.). If you are unsure, please contact your physician or ask one of our personnel.

Q: Can I take my medications before I take my blood tests?
A:Please take your medication unless your doctor gives you specific instructions not to do so.

Q: What are the instructions for collecting a 24-hour urine specimen?
A:You'll find the instructions on the collection container that is given to you by the testing lab.

Q: What is your billing process? Do you accept insurance?
A: We ask for payment at time of service. Healing Wave does not accept insurance. You may pay using cash, credit card, or via PayPal. Testing and lab fees are handled separately by the individual lab that will conduct your test.

Q: Can I use PayPal to pay for my Lab Request consultation before coming?
A: Sure! Pre-pay before you arrive using PayPal's. It's a quick, simple, and secure way to pay. If you'd like, you can visit PayPal now to pre pay

Q: Do I need an appointment?
A: If you intend to visit us for specific treatment or a comprehensive exam, we encourage you to contact our office to determine our Physician's availability. For initial consultations or needs related to testing, we encourage you to stop by during our normal hours of operation.